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Goodbye Junk Mail. 

Hello Privacy.

Every day, you deal with annoying and invasive junk mail, unwanted phone calls and SPAM emails.

Your personal privacy and peace of mind are valuable to you. Join more than 30,000 members and protect your privacy with Privacy Council's List Removal Service.

Privacy Council works diligently to remove you from many major marketing lists, guarding your privacy and reducing the hassle of junk mail as well as its impact on the environment.

Right now, we're giving away a FREE Privacy Mentor worksheet package! This multi-page PDF contains valuable information to help you protect and control your privacy. Sign up now and get your download - completely free!

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When you sign up your household (U.S. only) for The Privacy Council's List Removal Service, we get to work immediately, removing you from marketing lists and reducing your junk mail, SPAM and unwanted calls. You'll be saving trees, stopping mailbox clutter and protecting your personal privacy, all for a low monthly fee. Cut the junk and protect your privacy today!

Junk Mail clogs your mailbox, hurts the environment and puts your personal privacy and security AT RISK.

Did you know...


Every year, 100 million trees are cut down for the paper to make junk mail.


Every year, Americans spend 70 hours apiece dealing with unwanted junk mail.


Every year, identity thieves steal the identities of ten million Americans, often by taking sensitive information from credit card offers and unwanted mail in trash cans.


The frustration doesn't stop with junk mail, either. Marketing phone calls are annoying and distracting, and they take up your valuable time. SPAM emails are a nuisance and often contain scams designed to trick you into divulging your personal information. In short, you should be getting only what you WANT from your mailbox, phone and email inbox, not a bunch of ads that you DON'T want or need.